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from Idalie the ▓horror which Catherine de Me●dicis inspired.In the Chateau de Montemar, then▓, these eighteen months had

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mostly been pa●ssed, and Idalie compelled herself to see▓k and feel interest in the famil●ies of her

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father’s vassals, and in● the many lessons of feudal gov●ernment and policy which, as the heiress ●o


f all his large estates and ▓of his proud, unsullied name, her fath●er delighted to pour into her hear▓

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t. One other subject engrosse▓d the Count de Montemar, and of which h●e spoke so often and so solemnl

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y to● his daughter, that his feelings ▓on the subject became hers; it was the wide-spre●ading over Fran

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ce of the new religion, dee▓med by all orthodox Catholics as a heresy, wh▓ich, if not checked, would ent

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irely subvert● and destroy their ancient faith●, and in consequence bring incalculable m▓ischief to the country, both temp?/p>

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駉rally and spiritually.De Montemar was no● bigot, looking only to violen●t measures for the extermination of this fa●r-spreading evil; but it grieved and affecte●d him in no common degree.He spent hours a●nd hours with his

confessor a●nd his daughter in commune on this one engrossin●g subject; and from the sincere and ear▓nest lessons of the priest, a tru●e and zealous though humble follower of his own● church, he became more and mo▓re convinced of the truth of the olden● creed, and what he deemed the fou▓l and awful apostasy of the new. Yet no▓

violence of party spirit mingled in these disc●ussions, and therefore it was that Idalie f▓elt the conviction of the tr●uth and beauty of her long-ch●erished religion sink into her so●ul like balm.Saddened by her individual

  • ?is at rest.” Montgomeri staggered bac▓k with a
  • heavy, almost convul●sive groan.He knew not till that moment ho
  • w po●werfully hope had sustained him.The sho●ck was al
  • most as fearful as if he▓ had never thought of death; and
  • yet the ho●rrible conviction that he was a regicide had

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▓ sorrow, shrinking in consequence fro▓m all the exciting amusements then reigning in▓ France, her fathers favouri●te subject became equally a resourc●e and comfort

to her, thus unconsciously f●itting her for the


martyr part which she ▓was only too soon called upon to play. ● The Count de Montemar had been a soldier f●rom his youth

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, and was still ●suffering from the serious woun●ds received in his last campaign.Within the la▓st three months he had grad

ouse thee, Montgomeri,”▓ he said, earnestly; “fly, for the sake of this▓ poor, drooping flower; let not our Idalie ●weep for a darker doom th
an even this sad▓ parting.Come to thy father’s hear●t awhile, my child.Have I no claim upon th▓y love” Gently he drew her from Montgom●er
i’s still detaining arm, almost relieved to f●ind her insensible to any fur●ther suffering.His beseeching words to fly ere ▓Idalie again awoke


ually become ●weaker and weaker, till at le●ngth Idalie watched beside t●he couch, from which she had been told that her▓


beloved and loving parent would never ri●se again.She had heard it with an ag▓ony of sorrow, which it was lon▓g ere the kin

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  • voices shouted “Long live
  • Fra●ncis the Second, God preserv
  • e ●the King!” Chapter 3 Eighte▓
  • en months had passed, an
  • d still was the ▓Count de Montgom
  • eri an exile from his▓ countr
  • y; and so vi
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  • wish him back.Fo▓r Idalie,
  • this interval was i●ndeed heav
  • y with anxiety and sorrow, and all● t
  • he bitter sickness of ho
  • pe deferre▓d.No doubt of his affe
  • ction ▓ever entered her heart
  • ; she knew h
  • $185 per month
  • im fon●d and faithful as he
  • rself; but there ●seemed no end,
  • no term to the long, long inte●rval o
  • f absence.Her future ▓w
  • as bounded by the hour of meeting, a
  • nd a ver●y void of interest,
  • and hope▓,

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dly sympathy of the benevolent p●riest and of her cousin Louis could in any ▓degree assuage.Motherless from e▓arly childhoo

and pleasu
re see
med the
space wh

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d, a more than common ●tie bound her to her father; and so d▓eep was the darkness which those cruel tidi●ngs seemed to gath

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ich▓ stretched betw
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